Dec 22, 2022

Virtual reality can work for those with one functional eye

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Modern-day headsets and apps could be the key.

Virtual reality (VR) may soon be the way we use the internet. There are misconceptions about who can and cannot use the technology. Trying out headsets and apps is a great way to know if the technology suits your needs.

If you or someone you know only has one functional eye, and this has been keeping you away from exploring the world of virtual reality, then here’s a little surprise for you. VR experiences are not majorly affected if you do not use both of your eyes.


We know this because users with two functional eyes have experimented with using VR with one eye and have found little that is different in their experience. There are many VR enthusiasts who vouch for this, and you can rest assured that you or a dear one can enjoy the experience too.

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