Jan 5, 2023

Aubrey De Grey: longevity escape velocity, longevity, mouse rejuvenation, Altos Labs, Yamanaka factor

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Aubrey De Grey discusses the progress and potential of therapies related to his ideas on anti-aging medicine, including the four therapies that will be tested in a mouse rejuvenation trial. He also shares his thoughts on partnering with organizations and individuals in the field, integrating AI into his work, and the importance of structure in maximizing impact. Aubrey de Grey discusses the potential for Yamanaka factors to be used in organ rejuvenation, and the role of transcription factors in creating induced pluripotent stem cells. He also provides advice for those interested in getting involved in the field and shares his views on time management and productivity. Aubrey De Grey discusses the potential for reversing the pathology of aging to address mechanical issues and mentions promising research being conducted by MAIA Biotechnology on cancerous cells that express telomerase. He also expresses his optimism about the possibility of reaching “longevity escape velocity” within the next 15 years.

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00:00 Start.
01:00 Mark Hamaleinen write in question: Why we still don’t have any therapies based on his ideas published 20 years ago in his breakout paper.
04:30 update on escape velocity. 50% in 15 years.
08:30 Experiments on mice.
12:00 Yamanaka factor thoughts, current research on mice continued.
14:30 Lev foundation research expanded and explained.
16:30 Lev foundation thesis compared to others.
21:00 Hardships being at the tip of the innovation field of longevity.
23:45 Open source, non profits, lev foundation.
26:00 Ideas from previous organizations (ie. SENS) applied in LEV
27:15 Ichor therapeutics, and partnership process of LEV
29:30 Next generation mentorship.
30:30 Summer internship program.
32:45 Bullish on longevity.
33:30 AI role in longevity.
35:55 Anything fundamental making longevity therapies only for the rich.
38:30 Longevity surgery therapies.
39:30 Advice for people.
40:30 Bottlenecks of longevity.
42:00 Books!
43:05 Staying on cutting edge/ learning.
44:15 Current curiosity and fascination.
46:45 What happiness means to him and how he optimizes for it.
48:30 how he stays healthy over the years, longevity practices he uses.
51:45 How much money does he and the space need.
52:55 Anything stopping him from getting Jeff Bezos and other high network people to invest or donate.
51:55 Thoughts on altos labs & calico labs.
56:35 up and coming people that inspire him (crypto people, michael levin)
59:00 Finding up and coming people to work with and for (advice)
60:30 Things people get wrong and what people ask him about longevity.
1:01:35 Aubrey newsletter and updates (news suggestions)
1:03:30 Question he wonders about that doesn’t have answer to.
1:04:15 How he maximizes his day and stays productive.
1:05:15 Thoughts on MAIA Biotechnology, telomerase, short vs long.
1:09:30 Final thoughts on lev foundation.

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