Jan 13, 2023

Can an Artificial Intelligence Write Better Than a Human?

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OpenAI is the developer of a new AI program called ChatGPT, capable of writing and conversing very much like a human.

On the first task, the general impression from teachers was that at best it provided a framework but not the details for lesson planning. The same was said about the letter-writing capabilities of the tool, and the composing of a rubric. On providing feedback on student work, the response was less than impressed with the comments and grading. And on writing a letter of recommendation, the comments stated that what ChatGPT came up with was “far too generic.” So all in all, the current version of ChatGPT as a teaching aid seems underwhelming.

On the student work side, ChatGPT is far more problematic. Because ChatGPT can compose the kind of content it produced for me in the above example, teachers have expressed concern that the tool makes it easy for students to submit work they didn’t write.

When OpenAI made it publicly available in November of last year, the New York City School Board blocked access to it on its networks and computers. A Princeton University student created an app called GPTZero aimed at the responsible use of AI in education and capable of detecting ChatGPT-written documents.

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