Jan 10, 2023

Developmental and Synthetic Biology featuring Dr. Michael Levin | The Stem Cell Podcast

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In episode 220 of the Stem Cell Podcast, we chat with Dr. Michael Levin, the Director of the Allen Discovery Center and a Distinguished Professor of Biology at Tufts University. He talks about regenerating frog legs, using bioelectricity to direct development, and the potential applications of xenobots.

Roundup Papers:
1) https://go.nature.com/3NR8aaG
2) https://go.nature.com/3NFeGkT
3) https://bit.ly/39tYFiM
4) https://bit.ly/3HrKY0g.

0:00 Intro and Roundup.
38:41 Guest Interview.
#RegenerativeMedicine#MichaelLevin #Xenobots.

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