Jan 31, 2023

Gmail creator says ChatGPT will destroy Google’s business in two years

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Will it? Only time will tell.

The popularity of ChatGPT, the online chatbot built by OpenAI, has brought many to question the survival of search engines such as Google. Paul Buchheit, the creator of Gmail, has also dropped his opinion on the matter, and he thinks that Google’s business will last a maximum of two years, he tweeted.

Launched in November last year, ChatGPT has become the favorite destination to ask questions among millions of users. Instead of delivering a response to a search result that runs into tens of pages, ChatGPT answers the questions in a conversational style, making it easier for the user to ask follow-up questions, too.


Even if they catch up on AI, they can’t fully deploy it without destroying the most valuable part of their business!

— Paul Buchheit (@paultoo) December 1, 2022.

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