Jan 9, 2023

Researchers discover exploiting microbiome bacteria in patients with lung infections improves low oxygen levels

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Newspaper headlines from the U.S. to the U.K. and most places in between highlight the surge in sick patients suffering from respiratory viruses. The so-called “tripledemic” of lung infections including respiratory synclinal virus (RSV), influenza (flu) and COVID-19 (coronavirus) is likely to last throughout the winter season. This explosion of infections requires more treatment options to support overloaded hospitals and overworked medics as they restore people’s health.

It has been known for a long time that intubation of an infant with any , or even an adult with severe COVID-19 using either ventilation or extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), comes with risks and that could cause permanent damage not limited to the lungs. However, hypoxia, which means , is a that is a common complication of severe . If not treated, it can lead to severe disability and even death.

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