Jan 30, 2023

Systems Neuroscience Through the Lens of Evolutionary Theory Workshop

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The workshop discusses the recent issue Systems Neuroscience Through The Lens of Evolutionary Theory edited by Paul Cisek and Ben Hayden published by the Royal Society:


0:00 Introduction.
3:05 Ben Hayden Intro.
8:35 Lisa Feldman Barrett.
35:50 Q&A Lisa Feldman Barrett.
42:15 Luiz Pessoa.
1:11:10 Q&A Luiz Pessoa.
1:21:15 Barbara Finlay.
1:59:50 Discussion.
2:24:15 Joseph LeDoux.
3:02:50 Q&A Joseph LeDoux.
3:04:15 Paul Cisek.
3:31:45 Q&A Paul Cisek.
3:39:55 Patricia Churchland.
4:17:35 Discussion.

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