Jan 9, 2023

The Universe in 90 minutes: Time, free will, God, & more | Sean Carroll

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Everything you ever wanted to know about parallel universes, time, entropy, free will and more, explained by physicist Sean Carroll.

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Do you have free will? Is our Universe the only one, or do we live in one of many? And what does Einstein’s theory of relativity really say about the nature of reality?

These are some of the big questions that theoretical physicist Sean Carroll tackles in this Big Think video.

In 2022, Carroll published The Biggest Ideas in the Universe: Space, Time, and Motion, a book that achieves that rare feat of detailing the inner workings of scientific concepts in a way that’s accessible but not overly simplistic.

0:00 Sean Carroll, Johns Hopkins physicist.
0:18 What is the Multiverse and what does it mean to us?
2:38 What is the physicist’s version of the Multiverse?
6:43 Is every possible world real?
9:22 Why should we trust the many worlds of quantum mechanics?
12:24 How many worlds are there?
14:47 How does personal identity in the Multiverse work?
16:43 Do our decisions create different universes?
20:25 Why are we drawn to the Multiverse and how does technology propel it?

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