Feb 10, 2023

ChatGPT helps bring metaverse’s “live forever” mode closer to reality

Posted by in categories: life extension, robotics/AI, virtual reality

If you haven’t developed a coping mechanism for deeply human and heart-shattering experiences of grief and loss, Metaverse has something for you.

As per the recent claims made by the founder of Somnium Space, a top metaverse company, the launch of ChatGPT has accelerated the process of making one of his most ambitious and eccentric projects real.

“Honestly, it is progressing at a much faster pace than everyone’s expectations.”

Andrey Suslov/iStock.

“The AI is growing at an extremely fast pace,” Artur Sychov, the CEO of Somnium Space, whose organization at present is working to develop a “Live Forever” mode for robot avatars in its “virtual reality world,” told Motherboard.

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