Feb 4, 2023

Ready for Google’s Version of ChatGPT? We May Get a Glimpse Next Week

Posted by in categories: mapping, robotics/AI

Google’s competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT may appear as soon as next week. The company will hold an event in Paris on Wednesday, Feb. 8, where it will discuss plans for its search engine.

The company isn’t revealing much about the event. The description merely says (Opens in a new window) : “We’re reimagining how people search for, explore and interact with information, making it more natural and intuitive than ever before to find what you need. Join us to learn how we’re opening up greater access to information for people everywhere, through Search, Maps, and beyond.”

It’s possible the event could focus more on Google’s conventional products, rather than AI. However, in an earnings call on Thursday, CEO Sundar Pichai said Google is preparing to unleash its AI programs to the public.

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