Mar 10, 2023

An Overview of in Vitro Biological Neural Networks for Robot Intelligence

Posted by in categories: biological, robotics/AI

In vitro biological neural networks (BNNs) interconnected with robots, so-called BNN-based neurorobotic systems, can interact with the external world, so that they can present some preliminary intelligent behaviors, including learning, memory, robot control, etc.

This work aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the intelligent behaviors presented by the BNN-based neurorobotic systems, with a particular focus on those related to robot intelligence.

In this work, we first introduce the necessary biological background to understand the 2 characteristics of the BNNs: nonlinear computing capacity and network plasticity. Then, we describe the typical architecture of the BNN-based neurorobotic systems and outline the mainstream techniques to realize such an architecture from 2 aspects: from robots to BNNs and from BNNs to robots.

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