Mar 17, 2023

China nears completion of its highest hydroelectric project at 16,404 feet

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The Maerdang plant will have a total installed capacity of around 2.2 million kW.

In an effort to ramp up its renewable energy production, China is on course to begin operations of its highest-altitude hydropower.

A clean energy initiative to optimize resources

The Maerdang project will feature an integrated clean energy approach that includes hydropower, solar power, and energy storage. The project serves as an example of how China is leveraging its clean energy sources in its western regions to supply the growing national demand for energy.

“The company vows to make sure the project is put into operation in time despite COVID-19 impacts during the past few years,” said Li Hongxin, deputy director of Qinghai Maerdang Co Ltd, a unit of China Energy, told China Daily.

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