Mar 29, 2023

Killer plant fungus Chondrostereum purpureum infects man in India in ‘world-first case’

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A killer plant fungus infected a human and caused flu-like symptoms in what researchers say is a world-first case.

Chondrostereum purpureum causes silver leaf disease in flora, most commonly in species of rose.

Spread by airborne spores, it is named such because it gradually turns leaves silver — and is often fatal.

It was not known to infect humans, but medics in India have reported what they believe is the first ever case.

The patient was a 61-year-old man who received treatment at Consultant Apollo Multispecialty Hospitals in Kolkata, having experienced symptoms including a cough, fatigue, difficulty swallowing and a hoarse voice for three months.

The Last Of Us, the apocalyptic drama that started with a fungal outbreak, raised awareness among the masses of the potential dangers of human infection. The HBO series of course took plenty of dramatic liberties, but experts say it’s good for the public to take possible threats seriously.

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