Apr 17, 2023

Chinese scientists let AI control satellite, it takes ‘closer look’ at specific spots in India, Japan

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According to Chinese state media, a team of researchers from Wuhan University allowed an AI to take control of a satellite for 24 hours to see what it would do.

According to Chinese state media, the South China Morning Post.

Chinese scientists said that they were able to conduct a “landmark experiment” by allowing an artificial intelligence (AI) machine to take full control of a satellite temporarily in near-Earth orbit to test its behaviour in space.

Qimingxing 1, a small Earth observation satellite, was controlled by the AI for 24 hours, and it functioned without any human order, assignment or intervention, a paper published in the journal Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University stated.

Notably, the AI spotted a few places on Earth and ordered the satellite to “take a closer look”.

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