Apr 27, 2023

Is our Universe standing still? Examining Einstein’s key theory through the cosmic “yin-yang”

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Is there such a thing as absolute motion? Modern science, as represented by Einstein’s theory of relativity, says no. After all, absolute motion would require that there exists a single coordinate system — or common reference point — that all observers could agree is stationary. Such a coordinate system doesn’t exist.

But modern science has also found a way to observe the coordinate system of the entire visible Universe. If one can find a coordinate system in which the visible Universe is stationary, isn’t that the “right” one? What’s the truth behind this, and does it invalidate Einstein’s theory? And how does the yin-yang symbol come into play?

Einstein’s theory of relativity makes many counterintuitive claims, but those claims are consequences of one fundamental assumption: that any individual is perfectly justified in assuming that they are the one, unmoving, thing in the entire Universe. This assertion could be called the “cosmic egotist principle.” Essentially, you are the one thing around which the entire Universe revolves.

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