Apr 28, 2023

Stanford team shines light on cryptocurrency, designs photonic circuits to save energy

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Cryptocurrency mining is only accessible to those with access to highly discounted energy. The newly-developed low-energy chips will make it possible for everyone to participate in mining profitably.

If you were to ask anyone their feelings about cryptocurrency in 2020, chances are they would respond along the lines of “to the moon”(Crypto investors often use the phrase when they believe that certain cryptocurrencies will rise significantly in price). However, a year later, those sentiments seemed to have jaded. A sense of negativity — FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), as crypto-sympathizers would call it — seemed rife.

Stanford University.

A primary reason behind the fading support of the public, besides bad actors flooding the market with ponzi-like schemes and scams, seemed to be massive numbers of energy consumption floated by crypto and blockchain critics. The biggest question was “How is the world supposed to go greener and rely on these energy-hogging, power-hungry technologies?”

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