May 4, 2023

AI offers new tools for making games, but developers worry about their jobs

Posted by in categories: entertainment, robotics/AI

The early days of AI in game development have been full of questions and murky answers.

For the most part, AI is exceptionally bad at illustrating hands. They come out six-fingered or four-fingered or, even worse, just some wispy ends that fade into the background. AI has been programming large Western 1940s-era smiles onto people of various cultures. It’s been reshaping images we know and refitting them according to prompts. Depending on the data that it’s fed, though, sometimes AI has solutions, and sometimes it doesn’t. Video game developers and AI companies want to use these AI tools to streamline game development and make it faster.

As major video game publishers like Ubisoft start to utilize AI for their development workflows, developers are beginning to worry about future job prospects.

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