May 18, 2023

Meta built a code-generating AI model similar to Copilot

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Meta says it’s created a generative AI tool for coding similar to GitHub’s Copilot.

The company made the announcement at an event focused on its AI infrastructure efforts, including custom chips Meta’s building to accelerate the training of generative AI models. The coding tool, called CodeCompose, isn’t available publicly — at least not yet. But Meta says its teams use it internally to get code suggestions for Python and other languages as they type in IDEs like VS Code.

“The underlying model is built on top of public research from [Meta] that we have tuned for our internal use cases and codebases,” Michael Bolin, a software engineer at Meta, said in a prerecorded video. “On the product side, we’re able to integrate CodeCompose into any surface where our developers or data scientists work with code.”

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