Jun 9, 2023

AirDrop and Bluetooth under fire

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The Chinese Communist Party is drafting new rules to force service providers to restrict the kind of information sent via filesharing services like AirDrop and Bluetooth.

In a move that will surprise nobody, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is making moves to restrict the use of wireless file-sharing services like AirDrop and Bluetooth to restrict the spread of “illegal and undesirable” information.

Over the last few years, protestors who oppose the… More.


Over the last few years, protestors who oppose the government have frequently utilized AirDrop to coordinate and distribute their political demands. For example, certain activists employed this tool on the Shanghai subway last October to share posters criticizing Xi Jinping, just as the Chinese president anticipated his third term as the country’s leader. AirDrop has also gained popularity among activists due to its reliance on Bluetooth connections between nearby devices. This allows individuals to share information with strangers without disclosing their details or relying on a centralized network that can be monitored.

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