Jun 30, 2023

Dan Hendrycks on Why Evolution Favors AIs over Humans

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Dan Hendrycks joins the podcast to discuss evolutionary dynamics in AI development and how we could develop AI safely. You can read more about Dan’s work at https://www.safe.ai.

00:00 Corporate AI race.
06:28 Evolutionary dynamics in AI
25:26 Why evolution applies to AI
50:58 Deceptive AI
1:06:04 Competition erodes safety.
10:17:40 Evolutionary fitness: humans versus AI
1:26:32 Different paradigms of AI risk.
1:42:57 Interpreting AI systems.
1:58:03 Honest AI and uncertain AI
2:06:52 Empirical and conceptual work.
2:12:16 Losing touch with reality.

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