Jun 9, 2023

Freestyle Tricking Battle | Red Bull Throwdown 2014

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As biological singularity genes grow so will leisure activities grow and blossom. Even now tricking is a show of the real human potential in movement. Just shows us that the future is much brighter everyday with new activities that push the human potential and humans will have even greater heights of human abilities when the biological singularity genes can make us soar to new abilities.

Sixteen of the best tricking athletes came to Atlanta and battled head to head for the winning title.

► Watch Red Bull Throwdown 2015: https://youtu.be/OMuHX2UHjHU
► Read more about Tricking here: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/trickers-gear-up-for-red-bull-throwdown.

Nearly five hundred lively spectators filled The Tabernacle concert hall to cheer on the top athletes from the United States, France, Finland, South Korea and The Netherlands. The up-and-coming action sport came to life through a mix of martial arts, tumbling, break dancing, kicking and flipping, introducing a new audience to a next level of athleticism. In the end, it was Jacob Pinto who stole the show, and the judges’ votes, with his sequence of fast spins, sharp kicks and flawless transitions.

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