Jun 8, 2023

From Science Fiction To Reality: How Digital Humans Are Forging New Realities

Posted by in categories: business, entertainment

Siren is a digital human that showcases the potential of 3D/4D scanning technology for digitizing human appearance and motion with unprecedented realism.

Epic Games Inc. is a leading developer of the popular video game engine Unreal Engine. Recently, the company launched the highly anticipated MetaHuman Creator, a tool for creating high-fidelity digital humans for various applications including video games, film and more. The MetaHuman Creator is powered by advanced motion capture and rendering technology, enabling creators to create lifelike characters that can be customized and animated for various uses.

The advancement of digital humans is disrupting our world in profound and unpredictable ways. As they become increasingly intelligent, empathetic and capable, they will reshape businesses, society and human relationships at every level.

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