Jun 9, 2023

Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg thinks about Apple’s Vision Pro

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Zuckerberg addressed Apple’s headset unveiling in a meeting with Meta employees, telling them that it ‘could be the vision of the future of computing, but like, it’s not the one that I want.’

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem fazed by Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro.

In a companywide meeting with Meta employees today that The Verge watched, the CEO said Apple’s device didn’t present any major breakthroughs in technology that Meta hadn’t “already explored” and that its vision for how people will use the device is “not the one that I want.” He also pointed to the fact that Meta’s upcoming Quest 3 headset will be much cheaper, at $499 compared to the Vision Pro’s $3,499 price tag, giving Meta… More.

One takeaway: “it costs seven times more.”

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