Jun 12, 2023

How car tires are retreaded

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The disposal of tires represents a significant burden on the environment, so companies like Marangoni developed methods to recycle and reuse old tires. Watch how retreading machines make old tires usable again.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: When your tire wears out, you take it to a shop where it’s tossed out for a new one. The discarded tire is typically recycled — ground up and chemically broken down to use as a building material in streets or parks. Some companies hope to recycle differently. For years, companies like Marangoni have been saving tire casings, replacing the old tread (the rubber that touches the ground) with new tread in a process called “retreading.” These tires are not only easier to make — they typically take 20% of the energy of creating a new tire — they perform well too, standing up to the same tests that one-use tires are subjected to.


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  1. Marangoni says:

    The RINGTREAD System is a Truck&Bus tire retreading technology developed by Marangoni, not suitable for Car Passenger tires.

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