Jun 7, 2023

Instagram is working on an AI chatbot, leaked images reveal

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With its very own chatbot, Instagram will join the likes of Snapchat and Quora.

Instagram is allegedly working on bringing an artificial intelligence chatbot to direct messages (DMs) for a more fun and engaging experience, according to the mobile developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi.

According to the screenshot attached in Paluzzi’s tweet, one can make out that the chatbot can also help users write messages when conversing with someone. Another… More.


In his tweet, Paluzzi said that the AI chatbot would be able to answer users’ questions and give advice. The user will also be able to choose from 30 different personalities. He said that the chatbot will be something like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.


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  1. John says:

    ChatGPT seems to have all the answers lately. Interested to see where this goes and how it impacts society.