Jun 23, 2023

New ‘atlas’ maps bacteria and metabolites associated with elevated risk of cardiovascular disease

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A Cleveland Clinic research team has published an “atlas” of metabolites associated with cardiovascular disease in the European Heart Journal. The novel findings provide key details about the routes and potential branching paths taken by bacteria and metabolic by-products, metabolites.

The study mapped out the multiple by-products of bacteria-processing associated with and then compared that to patient data to assess disease risk in two large cohorts—one in the US and another in Europe.

Bacteria in and on our bodies produce metabolites through processing certain molecules, referred to as precursors. Precursors can come in components of our diet, like protein, or as other metabolized substances. Probiotics (living organisms) and prebiotics (fiber, starch) have increasingly been introduced in foods or supplements as possible clinical interventions.

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