Jun 11, 2023

Space Folding Explained | Spacing Guild Navigation | Dune Lore

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A discussion of the fascinating concept of space folding as it is presented in the Dune legendarium. In order to fill the needs of the vast interstellar empire of Frank Herbert’s universe the mechanism of space-folding is heavily relied upon. This form of faster-than-light travel enables spaceships to traverse astronomical distances instantaneously, and has proven crucial in shaping its social, economic, and political dynamics. Spoiler warning if you are unfamiliar with Frank Herbert’s Dune.

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Guild Heighliner Image by Euderion https://www.deviantart.com/euderion.
Guild Navigator by Alexandre Gianfreda Ferrailleur https://www.artstation.com/alexandregianfreda.
Guild Navigator by Marc Henry https://www.artstation.com/marcrapachhenry.
Heighliners by Julian Faylona https://www.artstation.com/elementj21
Dune No-Ship on Arrakis by Ville Ericsson https://www.artstation.com/villeericsson5
Guild Navigator by Daniel Martin https://scrolller.com/guild-navigator-by-daniel-martin-8f1x4gv6it.

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