Jul 23, 2023

Scientists Find the Source of a Mysterious Brain Wave That Could Boost Memory and Creativity

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, neuroscience

In a way, the brain changes its channels as we go about our day to match our internal state of mind to outside requirements—though at any point, the channels can bleed over.

But there’s a mysterious outcast: a frequency called theta waves. They happen while we’re awake or asleep. For decades, these waves have taunted neuroscientists trying to decipher their functions. Theta waves seem to help mice navigate mazes, but also support memory in humans.

It’s not just academic curiosity. Our ability to navigate complex new environments and keep those memories declines with age. It’s especially tough for people with Alzheimer’s disease. By finding the driving source of theta waves, we could potentially enhance them—using neurostimulation or other methods—to slow cognitive decline.

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