Jul 31, 2023

Scientists in breakthrough towards secret of eternal youth

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Science: In my opinion the main cause of aging is the accumulation of mutations in DNA 🧬 more than telomere size reduction or “toxin’s”. But the control of these “toxins” together with drug’s that simulate the restriction of calories and the transfusion of blood from young people to old people. And future drugs to make the telomeres grow again.

These four treatments together maybe can promote life extension. I am also enthusiastic in regenerative treatment with stem cells and “replace” old organs by new one’s growing in lab from stem cells. However I believe that immortality only when you make the enzymes “fix” in 100% the mutations caused by radicals.

High levels of toxic chemicals in the body, such as formaldehyde, which is best known as an embalming agent, have recently been found to be naturally made by cells and also to cause ageing.

Leading scientists from Cornell University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK are trying to understand what causes the body to overproduce formaldehyde.

It is hoped that drugs may be able to lower levels of it in the body and reverse the ageing process.

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