Jul 31, 2023

Stanford Medicine researchers map morphing placenta

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The STAR party’s vision for Canada includes the research and development of self sustainable Mobile Airborne Cities; or Airborne Arcologies. Being an obviously semi-long term goal, the objective would be to at first, allocate budgeting towards research and development of components to build this project in a phased manner… and the scaling of the project as technology allows for it.

Phase I: research and development of scalable micro-prototypes.

Phase II: multiple prototype development / testing stages.

Phase III: Final modifications, and testing of Finished Model.

Phase IV: aircity one digital-testing / infrastructure development.

Phase V: aircity production facility development.

Phase VI:… More

Early in pregnancy, something strange happens in the uterus: Cells from the fetal side of the developing placenta invade the uterine endometrium and work with the mother’s immune system to remodel the arteries.

“When I first read about it, I thought, ‘This is so bizarre,’” said Stanford Medicine pathologist Michael Angelo, MD, PhD.

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