Jul 26, 2023

The Metaphysics of Panpsychism

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Alfred North Whitehead’s Process Philosophy, the Mystery of Consciousness and the Mind-Body Problem (2016)
Compilation by Michael Schramm.
Background Music by Michael Schramm.
Speakers & Quotations:
Charles Birch, Susan Blackmore, David J. Chalmers, Daniel C. Dennett, Freeman Dyson, David Ray Griffin, Charles Hartshorne, Nicholas Humphrey, Christof Koch, Colin McGinn, Thomas Nagel, Karl R. Popper, John R. Searle, Rupert Sheldrake, Galen Strawson, Alfred North Whitehead.

panpsychism, consciousness, mind-body problem, process philosophy, process metaphysics, materialism, (property) dualism, quantum physics, indeterminism, free will.
I have uploaded the resource document again and added a new link. Thanks for the interest!
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