Aug 2, 2023

🌎 SIMULATED Journey from EARTH to the END of the UNIVERSE ✨

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journey breaks several laws of physics in order to reach the known limit of the universe, using a spacecraft capable of travelling at any speed.
distance and speed are approximate, giving us an idea of how fast the spacecraft has to travel to move through the vast expanses of the universe.
the way, an AI will explain some important elements of the journey, to give us a more complete picture of what we are seeing.




(Youtube Library)
Hydra — Huma-Huma.
Eureka — Huma-Huma.
Atlantis — Audionautix.
Reflections — MK2
Angelic Forest — Doug Maxwell_Media Right Productions.
Landing On a Dark Planet — Doug Maxwell_Media Right Productions.

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Voice — voicemaker.in (Kendra)
Voice — voice.ai.
Numbers sound effect by Rho 2023 — https://youtu.be/hQf2VhYuaXc

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