Aug 4, 2023

Algorithms Can Learn, And They Probably Should: Saving Resources For The Future

Posted by in categories: information science, mapping, robotics/AI

What you get, starting out in this video, is that algorithms impact our lives in, as CSAIL grad student Sandeep Silwal puts it, “silent ways”

Silwal uses a simple example – maps – in discussing what he calls the “marriage of provable algorithm design and machine learning.”

Lots of people, he notes, want to move from the area around MIT, south across the Charles to Fenway Park, to see the Red Sox.

That sort of fact could inform the thinking about how to program algorithms. For example, Silwal mentions how you can analyze data results to identify the most visited websites on the Internet – and direct focus accordingly.

“We use (algorithms) to compute fundamental things about us,” he says. “And… More.

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