Aug 26, 2023

Enhanced Efficacy for Next-Gen Antibody Therapies

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The company achieved proof-of-concept with trastuzumab, an anti-HER2 antibody. Preclinical studies show Multilink increases cytotoxicity and improves tumor regression.

In mouse studies, tumor volume after 49 days was approximately half its original size with Trastuzumab Multilink (T-Multilink) with mertansine (DM1), but had grown four-fold when treated with the same compound without the linker. Comparable studies with T-Multilink-auristatin F showed complete tumor regression by about day 25, while treatment without the linker allowed the tumor to approximately triple in size.

“Multilink is a powerful technology to tackle cancers with low antigen expression,” Marx says. Debiopharm is using it to develop “novel, potent, stable, and safe ADCs for various antibodies.”

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