Aug 13, 2023

Jonathan, The World’s Oldest Land Animal, Celebrates His Official 190th Birthday

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Jonathan the tortoise became the oldest tortoise in human record in 2022, being granted the accolade by the Guinness World Records (who recently named the world’s oldest cat) after turning 190. It’s been accepted that he hatched in 1,832 based on photographic records, but it wasn’t until November of this year that he was finally granted an official birthday.

Jonathan’s birthday was declared to be December 4, 1832, by the governor of the British overseas territory Nigel Phillips, Guardian reports. It was celebrated with a three-day party at his home on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean and damn, that’s a party we wish we’d got an invite to.

Reptilian pals and local residents were invited to the soiree that was held at the governor’s house complete with a tortoise-friendly birthday cake. A fitting tribute to a creature that’s both the world’s oldest living animal, and the oldest tortoise on human record.

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