Aug 7, 2023

Optical Computing Breakthrough: Seeing Through the “Unseeable”

Posted by in categories: encryption, information science, robotics/AI

Through a scattering medium such as ground glass? Traditionally, this would be considered impossible. When light passes through an opaque substance, the information carried within the light becomes “jumbled up”, almost as if undergoes complex encryption.

Recently, a remarkable scientific breakthrough by Professor Choi Wonshik’s team from the IBS Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics (IBS CMSD) has unveiled a method to leverage this phenomenon in the fields of optical computing and machine learning.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that deals with the development of algorithms and statistical models that enable computers to learn from data and make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine learning is used to identify patterns in data, classify data into different categories, or make predictions about future events. It can be categorized into three main types of learning: supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning.

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