Aug 14, 2023

Short Bouts of Exercise Mobilize Immune Cells in the Blood

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Exercise has many health benefits, from improving brain health to strengthening bones and muscles. Included in the vast array of advantages associated with exercise is cancer prevention and control.

The scientific literature suggests that physical activity mobilizes immune cells, activating them to fight cancer. This idea prompted an investigation into the interplay between exercise and immunity, the results of which were recently published in Scientific Reports.

The study investigated how 10-minute exercise sessions impact immune cells in patients recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The exercise regimen in the study consisted of pedaling a supine bicycle (laying on the back while cycling the legs) for ten minutes. This type of activity, considered “acute exercise,” is loosely defined as single bouts of physical activity. Acute exercise directly impacts circulation, and when the blood starts pumping, immune cells travel throughout the body, becoming more likely to encounter cancerous cells.

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