Aug 19, 2023

Solving ordinary and partial differential equations using an analog computing system based on ultrasonic metasurfaces

Posted by in categories: information science, supercomputing

Wave-based analog computing has recently emerged as a promising computing paradigm due to its potential for high computational efficiency and minimal crosstalk. Although low-frequency acoustic analog computing systems exist, their bulky size makes it difficult to integrate them into chips that are compatible with complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS). This research paper addresses this issue by introducing a compact analog computing system (ACS) that leverages the interactions between ultrasonic waves and metasurfaces to solve ordinary and partial differential equations. The results of our wave propagation simulations, conducted using MATLAB, demonstrate the high accuracy of the ACS in solving such differential equations. Our proposed device has the potential to enhance the prospects of wave-based analog computing systems as the supercomputers of tomorrow.

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