Aug 2, 2023

Subpleural nodules and septal thickening on CT chest may predict tubercular pleural effusion

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An Original Research entitled “CT Differences of Pulmonary Tuberculosis According to Presence of Pleural Effusion” by Dr Jung et al. and colleagues mentioned that tuberculous (TB) involvement of the lymphatics in the peripheral interstitium may have an association with pleural effusion development.

They explained that common CT (computed tomography) findings in TB pleural effusion are Subpleural micronodules and interlobular septal thickening. These features detected in computed tomography could aid in the differentiation between TB pleural effusion and non-tuberculous empyema.

The main question here is whether subpleural micronodules and interlobular septal thickening frequency correlate with the pleural effusion presence in pulmonary TB patients.

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