Aug 8, 2023

Superconductor LK99 Update

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Today I have an update on the reproduction efforts for the supposed room temperature superconductor, LK 99, the first images from the Euclid mission, more trouble with Starlink satellites, first results from a new simulation for cosmological structure formation, how to steer drops with ultrasound, bacteria that make plastic, an improvement for wireless power transfer, better earthquake warnings, an attempt to predict war, and of course the telephone will ring.

Here is the link to the overview on the LK99 reproduction experiments that I mentioned: https://urlis.net/vesb75fq.

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00:00 Intro.
00:39 LK99 Superconductor Update.
03:03 First Images from Euclid Mission.
04:19 Starlink Satellites Leak Radiowaves.
06:13 New Cosmological Structure Formation Simulation.
08:27 An Ultrasound Platform to Levitate and Steer Drops.
09:43 Bacteria That Make Recyclable Plastic.
11:02 Better Wireless Power Transfer.
13:02 A New Earthquake Precursor.
14:34 War Predictions.
16:00 Learn Science With Brilliant.

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