Aug 27, 2023

What if AI becomes self-aware?

Posted by in categories: information science, robotics/AI

A glimpse into the dynamics between a man and a self-conscious machine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a nutshell

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Cognitive robotics are the two stalwart fields of design and engineering, seizing all the spotlight lately. Artificial intelligence is a human intelligence simulation processed by machines, whereas cognitive robotics is the corollary of robotics and cognitive science that deals with cognitive phenomena like learning, reasoning, perception, anticipation, memory, and attention. Robotics is a part of AI, where the robots are programmed with artificial intelligence to perform the tasks, and AI is the program or algorithm that a robot employs to perform cognitive functions. In simpler terms, a robot is a machine, and AI is the intellect fuel fortified to ignite perceptual abilities in a machine.

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