Sep 3, 2023

Beyond Boundaries: The Future of AI & Large Language Models

Posted by in categories: robotics/AI, singularity

Join Dr. Ben Goertzel, the visionary CEO and Founder of SingularityNET, as he delves into the compelling realm of large language models. In this Dublin Tech Summit keynote presentation, Dr. Goertzel will navigate the uncharted territories of AI, discussing the imminent impact of large language models on innovation across industries. Discover the intricacies, challenges, and prospects of developing and deploying these transformative tools. Gain insights into the future of AI, as Dr. Goertzel unveils his visionary perspective on the role of large language models in shaping the AI landscape. Tune in to explore the boundless potentials of AI and machine learning in this thought-provoking session.

Themes: AI & Machine Learning | Innovation | Future of Technology | Language Models | Industry Transformation.
Keynote: Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO and Founder, SingularityNET

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