Sep 25, 2023

Scientists Just Found a Way to Help Your Brain Work Like It’s 30 Years Younger

Posted by in categories: life extension, neuroscience

Just about everyone may want to look and feel younger and healthier, but multimillion-dollar investments and broccoli smoothies are not for everyone. Still, that doesn’t mean the less hardcore among us are out of luck if we’re hoping to turn back the clock on our brain health.

New research by a team of psychologists uncovered a simple way just about anyone can get their brain working like it’s decades younger.

You probably don’t need science to tell you this, but people’s cognitive acuity generally starts to level off in their 30s and 40s before declining more markedly in their 60s. Most of us write our slower responses and memory lapses off to the unavoidable indignities of aging. But what if they were just the adult equivalent of the “summer slide” that affects kids, a pair of researchers wanted to know.

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