Sep 15, 2023

The AI War Has Begun! Every Google I/O AI Announcement (Supercut)

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Highlights from the latest #google I/O keynote presentation, featuring competitor technologies to #openai #gpt4 #chatgpt and many reveals across the entire suite of Google (GOOG stock) products and services. Highlights include Google PaLM, Google Gemini, #googlebard & more!

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Timestamps for this Google I/O ’23 Supercut:
00:00 Generative AI in Google’s Services.
02:41 Google PaLM 2 vs OpenAI’s GPT-4
05:19 Google Bard vs ChatGPT
10:24 Google Duet vs Microsoft Copilot.
14:51 Google Search vs Microsoft Bing.
19:21 Google Cloud vs Microsoft Azure.
24:54 Generative AI Trust & Safety.

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