Sep 24, 2023

The Craziest Megastructures Scientists Are Willing to Build

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In this video, we explore the biggest construction sites of the future — the ones that will one day provide us with real megastructures of all kinds and purposes.

From space elevators and Dyson spheres, to enormous ships and gargantuan space stations to live in. But we won’t just marvel at their scale — the real questions are: could we really build all these in the near future, what tech do we need to get the job done, and ultimately, will it work as intended, or these megastructures will turn out to be megagraves?

In our analysis we well use real engineering projects, as well as top sci-fi examples from books, movies and also from the unique world of massive multiplayer online game EVE Online.

EVE Online — (https://eve.online/Ridddle_EN_megastructures) It is set in a rich sci-fi universe, where players can create their own character and explore a vast and complex virtual world built according to the well-thought set of consistent in-world rules.

The game is known for its intricate economy, politics, and warfare mechanics, where players can engage in a variety of activities, including mining resources, trading, fighting, and of course, building numerous megastructures with rich customisation options.

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