Oct 20, 2023

Advocating for neurodata privacy and neurotechnology regulation

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Neurotechnology will improve our lives in many ways. However, to sustain a world where our neurobiological data (in some cases perhaps including our innermost thoughts and feelings) remains properly secure, we must invest in both policy and technology that prevents bad actors from stealing private information or even directly manipulating people’s brains. We don’t want the very real possibility of ‘telepathy’ and ‘mind control’ to harm people and society. So, let’s start laying the groundwork now to ensure the best possible neurotech future! #neurotech #future #policy #neuroscience

We provide a Perspective highlighting the significant ethical implications of the use of fast-developing neurotechnologies in humans, as well as the regulatory frameworks and guidelines needed to protect neurodata and mental privacy.


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    Are you deceived, or deceivers?

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