Oct 1, 2023

New Biosensors Allow Earbuds To Record Brain Activity and Exercise Levels

Posted by in categories: health, mobile phones, robotics/AI

Who knows? Maybe this is a way for giving commands to a computer/AI instead of implants if further developed in the future.

The streaming data from these biosensors can be used for health monitoring and diagnosis of neuro-degenerative conditions.

A pair of earbuds can be turned into a tool to record the electrical activity of the brain as well as levels of lactate in the body with the addition of two flexible sensors screen-printed onto a stamp-like flexible surface.

The sensors can communicate with the earbuds, which then wirelessly transmit the data gathered for visualization and further analysis, either on a smartphone or a laptop. The data can be used for long-term health monitoring and to detect long-term neuro-degenerative conditions.

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