Oct 8, 2023

The Question Is That If Men Are Daily Thinking About The Roman Empire Is Generative AI Doing Likewise

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Have you recently been thinking about the Roman Empire? According to a viral social media trend, the answer is decidedly yes, assuming that you are a man. The backstory is that an online video postulated that men daily tend to think about the Roman Empire and a follow-up by women asking their male friends, partners, or relatives began to flood the Internet. Seemingly, most men insisted that they did indeed have frequent thoughts about the Roman Empire. A hashtag associated with the Roman Empire has ballooned to incurring over a billion hits.

Before I get into some further details on the contentious hubbub, a question that immediately struck me and has now been rattling around in the AI… More.

A viral trend online is that men are supposedly thinking daily about the Roman Empire. If so, this begs the question of whether generative AI might be doing likewise.

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