Oct 12, 2023

Unlocking immortality: the science of reversing aging

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When it comes to human longevity, you might envision nanobots helping our bodies operate more efficiently. But our bodies are biological machines in their own right, evolved to handle any situation in the real world from illness to cold to hunger. Our bodies heal themselves, and they can be programmed to do so if we understood that language better.

This video talks about DNA and genes, and the epigenetic mechanisms that read that information. The epigenetic clock is one way to measure the age of cells, and this can be reversed with current technologies. We discuss experiments by David Sinclair, which made blind mice see again, and experiments by Greg Fahy, which regenerated the immune system of humans and reset their cellular age by 2 years.

Asking our bodies to heal themselves could be one of the largest medical breakthroughs ever, instead of trying mainly chemical means of medication. And it has significant implications for whether or not we can achieve longevity escape velocity and continue to live more or less indefinitely. This promises to be a very interesting topic.

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