Oct 2, 2023

Why this AGI Leaker Disappeared — AGI Achieved Internally!?

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If you’re in the know, you might’ve heard of the AGI leaker Jimmy Apples recently. After having made several correct leaks in the past and having taken the AI community by storm after announcing AGI, he disappeared off of Twitter. In this video I’ll describe what happened and how credible this person is and whether OpenAI or Deepmind are the ones who are in the posession of AGI.
The Jimmy Apples leak document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K–sU97pa54xFfKggTABU9Kh…gN3Rk/edit.

00:00 News from Jimmy Apples.
00:30 The AGI Leak Recap.
01:58 Why this AGI leak is real.
04:15 Why this leak is scary.
06:13 What speaks against the leak.

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